We are recruiting

Due to our high growth potential, we are recruiting regularly.
Whatever your profile, send us your CV!
Glutton®’s international success means that knowledge of languages is an important asset, even for technicians. 

  • The following languages are currently in regular use at Glutton®: French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish and Italian.
  • Other languages are desirable as we continue to expand internationally: Portuguese, Arab etc.

Glutton® is currently recruiting:

  • Industrial Engineer, assistant to our R&D office Engineer Manager, who must be creative, ingenious and structured, and who will actively participate in improving existing products and developing future products.
  • Applications must be sent to job@glutton.com

We are currently seeking (M/F):

  • Technical Sales Representative with fluent German or fluent Dutch
  • A qualified technician with experience of battery operated electrical machines (forklift trucks, electric vehicles etc.)
  • Technical operators for production and the after-sales dept.
  • Qualified and experienced field technician to maintain machines in service with our customers in the Benelux countries, France and Germany
  • Multilingual internal sales team member, responsible for sales admin (telephone contacts management, quote preparation, marketing campaign management etc.)