Glutton® was founded in 1988, when it specialised in sales of motorised garden equipment.

1994 - Limited by the seasonal aspect of the business, the company’s founder, Christian Lange, decides to develop an urban waste vacuum cleaner.

1995 - The prototype of the Glutton® is presented at the “Best” Trade Fair for the Environment in Namur (Belgium).

1996/1997 - Mass Production and marketing of the Glutton® begins in Belgium, France and Europe.

2001 - The company discontinues its “motorised garden equipment” sales to concentrate on the technical and commercial development of the Glutton® Thermal (fitted with a Honda petrol engine).

2003 - In response to requests from many communes and local authorities in Belgium, France and Switzerland, Lange Christian S.A. opens its own “R&D” department to develop the Glutton® 100 % electric powered waste vacuum cleaner: Glutton® Electric

2007 - Lange Christian S.A. locates in its new factory in Andenne (Sclayn) in Belgium to enable its expansion by:
• producing the new Glutton® Electric (which today represents more than 80 % of sales)
• responding to the increasing number of requests from local authorities
• developing the “industrial sites” market, the Glutton® Electric being able to collect waste within buildings

2009 – Lange Christian S.A. receives recognition for its achievements after 3 years of strong growth:
Lange Christian S.A. wins the “Grand Prix Alfers 2009” for its efforts in the fields of investment, innovation, exportation and employment.

With over 4,000 references and 3,500 + towns signed up as customers, Glutton® is currently used in more than 52 countries and across 5 continents. Glutton® has gone global! And with growing demand from local authorities and the growth of the industrial market, this is only the beginning.