Transporting your Glutton®

We offer many types of fully customisable trailers to enable you to transport your Glutton® from one workplace to another.

Standard features on all our trailers

  • Non-tipping trailer, fitted with a grill tailgate that acts as a ramp to enable a single person to load the machine in complete safety
  • Nonslip marine wood floorboard
  • Hot galvanised chassis and rack
  • 3 wheels (including one reserve wheel)
  • Fastening straps and 4 rings fixed to the floorboard for secure stowing

Types of trailer available

  • 749 kg: for transporting a Glutton®

  • 750 kg with brakes: for transporting a Glutton® and two containers

  • 1300 kg – 1 Glutton®: for transporting a Glutton® and two extra containers, making a total of 3 containers, enough for a whole day’s independent workplace operation, even in times of high waste density
  • Type 1300 kg – 2 Gluttons®: for transporting two Gluttons® (without extra containers).