The thermal range

The Thermal Glutton®

The Thermal Glutton® is an integral part of the public cleaning departments of 2,000 towns in Europe and around the world thanks to its recognised qualities:

  • Equipped with a Honda 4 stroke engine, it vacuums up all kinds of waste with 18 hours independent operation
  • Completely soundproofed, its noise production level is near to silent.
  • Easy to handle, self-propelled, well dimensioned and ergonomic: it is extremely simple to use.
  • Very powerful and fitted with an 18m2 anti-dust filter, it vacuums up virtually everything and does not eject dust into the atmosphere.
  • Simply designed, it is very easy to maintain.

The Glutton® Thermal is available in 2 versions:

Glutton® 2211 Thermal: basic model

Glutton® 2411 Thermal, equipped with the following options:

  • Anti-obstruction grill for plastic bags, dead leaves, etc.
  • Storage space lockable by key for the safekeeping of personal belongings
  • Ultralight carbon fibre suction pipe with an adjustable and ergonomic armrest
  • Soundproofing, with a noise production level of 68 dB (A)