Lange Christian S.A. currently employs around 30 people and is permanently recruiting in response to the company’s growth.

List of departments

  • Management: a team of managers oversees the technical, commercial, financial and HR aspects of the business.
  • R&D: continuous improvement of the Glutton® at all levels (ergonomics, safety, maintenance, environment etc.); new applications, notably in the industrial field; and development of new products.
  • Purchasing: calls for bids and subcontractor selection, purchasing and stock management, sample quality control of essential Glutton® components.
  • Production: all Glutton® products are designed and produced exclusively in our workshops according to rigorous specifications.
  • After-sales: for optimum quality maintenance service, personnel training, spare parts delivery and on site repairs if required.
  • Marketing: ensures the harmonious and efficient international development of the Glutton® while maintaining the highest quality of communication and service to our customers.
  • Commercial: our specialised sales team presents customers with demonstrations of the Glutton® in action and offers quotes tailored to customer requirements.

Essential qualities

  • Motivation: Lange Christian S.A. attaches the greatest importance to the motivation and well-being of its staff, which are both essential to ensure the quality of the product and our customer service.
  • Customer service: the customer is the main priority of every member of staff, at all levels: we aim to guarantee the efficient and faultless operation of your Glutton®.

Would you like to join our team? We are recruiting