• The University of Queensland - Australia, June 2014

UQ’s clean and green litter machine will cut carbon emissions

“As well as complementing the University’s sustainability program, the Glutton is considerably less noisy than traditional leaf blowers, which is a big plus for the University as cleaning often takes place during teaching hours,”

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The Clean and Green Solution

Cigarette Butt Litter Issues :

"According to the Keep Australia Beautiful National Litter Index (NLI) cigarette butts represent around 48% of litter in Australia. Indeed, from the 983 sites surveyed in the urban and non-urban areas, each 1,000m3 area inspected, produced an average of 29 cigarette butts. NSW sites produced an average of 33 littered cigarette butt per 1,000m2 area. Together with the fact that cigarette butts seriously degrade the appearance of an area, the fact that they take an average of five years to break down, means that they can become a long-term problem for gardens, drains and waterways."

Terry Johnson  Service Manager – Cleansing, with Parramatta City Council :

"... due to the nature of micro litter and the areas in which it tends to be discarded, collection and removal using traditional methods such as sweeping or manual picking, tends to be cumbersome, time-consuming and, in many instances, largely ineffective,” he said. “With that in mind, we were looking for a street cleansing solution ... Needless to say, our decision to purchase the units has been more than vindicated by their performance in the field. The GLUTTON electric vacuum units have not only provided us with the litter collection and cleansing solution we were after, they’re performing well beyond our expectations, ...”


  • L'Union Champagne-Ardenne-Picardie 2012-04-05

L'adjoint technique de Monthermé s'exprime au sujet de leur Glutton®.

Monthermé est une petite ville de plus de 2.500 habitants, située dans l'arrondissement de Charleville-Mézières: "Grâce à sa forte capacité d'aspiration, Glutton ne laisse rien traîner sur son passage, ... A l'aide de cet engin tout aussi ergonomique qu'écologique, l'entretien des trottoirs, caniveaux et espaces publics de la commune s'avère moins pénible et surtout plus hygiénique... " -accédez à l'article web-


  • La Tribuna Chile 2012-02-21

Aspiradora se encargará de limpieza en calles del centro angelino

"La aspiradora es una máquina autopropulsada ecológica marca Glutton® que permite recoger todos los desechos de las calles ... Con su poder de succión recoge papeles, botellas de cristal y basuras desde las aceras, calzadas, rejillas de los arboles y mobiliario urbano ... Comenzó a operar como parte de la concesión a empresa extractora de residuos en Los Angeles, Chile..."

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