Customising the Glutton®

The Glutton® offers a range of options to ensure that your waste vacuum cleaner is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Electric Glutton® basic equipment

The front directional wheel which allows the machine to rotate on itself, providing optimum manoeuvrability.

The ambidextrous control arm is fitted with a dead-man, anti-jamming and anti-crush system, with automatic reversing of the machine in the event of the operator making an incorrect manoeuvre.

Anti-puncture wheels fitted with industrial-quality tyres and shielded ball bearings.

A time meter indicating the battery discharge level. The machine operator can continuously monitor the energy level available.

An 24 m² anti-dust filter with a filtration index of EU8, which means that 99.999% of dust of greater than 0.5 micron is stopped.

An extra-light carbon nozzle, 125 mm in diameter for the 2411, in PVC for the 2211

An adjustable 3-point armrest for ergonomic and comfortable use

A flashing light for more visibility and security.

Additional equipment on the Glutton® 2411

An anti-clog grille to prevent blockage by plastic bags, dead leaves

A secure 13.1-litre glove box where personal effects, a raincoat, a pair of gloves or a snack can be left safely.

An extra-light carbon nozzle, 125 mm in diameter

Double soundproofing with a sound level close to silent

Optional equipment for increased efficiency

A bulky waste basket that can be accessed without releasing the handlebar for waste that cannot be sucked through the nozzle.

A nozzle castor which facilitates the carrying of the latter. It is recommended for long distances.

A cooler to keep a picnic and drinks cool.

A bracket to carry along a shovel and a broom.

A manual picker for waste that cannot be sucked through the nozzle.

Additional Container.

Plastic bag kit.

Nozzle Tips

A squeegee nozzle. This enables wood, steel or aluminium chips, textile waste, and cigarette butts to be sucked up and increases the possibilities for using the Glutton® in workshops, warehouses etc. It is fitted with 4 castors for greater manoeuvrability and better ease of use.

Narrow nozzle with claw for tree grates. It also enables basement windows and drains to be cleaned more easily by sucking waste caught in the cracks. Its claw pulls out more stubborn waste.

Equipment to increase safety

An automatic sprayer which disinfects, perfumes and dampens the container to avoid bad odours and the risk of fire in the event of poorly extinguished cigarette butts

An automatic fire extinguisher for maximum safety ensures automatic extinguishing in the event there is a lit cigarette butt in the container

A reversing alarm, safer for passers-by in crowded areas.

Night headlights: for working at night, the machine can be fitted with specially adapted headlights.

LED indicator lights: lights on the side and at the rear for optimum visibility.

A retro-reflective band to be seen at night.