Glutton® Cleaning Machines

The Glutton®: a unique concept

  • The Glutton® waste vacuum cleaner is a mobile, very easy to handle and self-propelled machine, able to collect all kinds of waste that can pass through a tube 12.5cm in diameter.
  • It deals efficiently with both industrial and urban waste: paper, cardboard, cigarette packets and butts, cans and glass, plastic or metal bottles, dog faeces, dead leaves, waste trapped in tree grills, wood, steel and aluminium chips etc.
  • Glutton® has established itself as an essential tool for cleaning pavements, streets, alleyways, parks, tree grills, markets, factories, workshops, car parks, halls, rooms, platforms, train stations, airports etc. Anywhere in fact where sweeping by hand is not practical and inefficient.

  • Very narrow in width (75cm), the Glutton® can go just about anywhere. It is very easy to use and offers outstanding independent operation of 12 - 17 hours, depending on the model. Thanks to its high filtration capacity (18m2), it does not eject any dust into the atmosphere.

  • The Glutton® is the perfect aid for a modern cleaning team, that upgrades the image of cleaning operatives and is environmentally friendly. It is available in a battery operated electric version and a thermal version fitted with a Honda 4-stroke petrol engine.
  • To enjoy all of these benefits with complete peace of mind, Glutton® industrial vacuum cleaners are covered by a full warranty.