Advantages of the Glutton®

For the buyer 

The advantages are clear for any local authority, company or organisation that purchases a Glutton®:

  • A major asset for a modern and efficient cleaning department
  • Increases the efficiency of your maintenance teams
  • Noticeable improvement in cleanliness
  • Designed in accordance with sustainable development and energy efficiency principles (in the case of the Glutton® Electric)
  • Environmentally friendly (silent operation and does not reject dust into the atmosphere thanks to the 24m2 anti-dust filter)
  • Motivates operatives who feel better equipped and more valued

For the user

The Glutton® is designed to efficiently vacuum up all kinds of waste, and to transform and radically enhance the work of the “street cleaner”:

  • Very narrow in width (0.75m), the Glutton® can go more or less anywhere (=maximum effectiveness)
  • Outstanding operational independence of 12 hours in normal usage for the Glutton® Electric and 18 hours for the Glutton® Thermal
  • The Glutton® is silent both for its user and people nearby. With the electric version, the noise production level is near to silent
  • Following a brief training period, the Glutton® could hardly be easier to operate
  • The Glutton® is ergonomic, featuring an ambidextrous suction pipe, and offers its user maximum comfort
  • Safety and hygiene: a flashing light and other safety lights ensure visibility, and the suction strength enables the user to avoid all contact with refuse
  • With the Glutton®, cleaning personnel are motivated and feel more valued in their work.